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Duct production line III composed of a decoiler, leveler grooving unit, “V” and “口” notching unit, cutting unit, bending unit composition. The standard configuration the “V” and “口” notching unit make for TDF flange duct, thereinto the “口” notching unit also can be used to produce TDC flange. Bending unit can be made with the Pittsburgh match the right angle, also can be sheet metal bending into a "口" or "L" type. Greatly improve the utilization of the plate, reduce labor intensity and reduce labor.

The production line electrical control part adopts full servo control; the control system has a closed-loop feedback system, Accuracy and stability were obvious improved. The maximum operating speed of 16 m / min. Length tolerance is ±0.5mm; diagonal tolerance is ± 0.8mm. The system can meet the each shift(8 hours) production capacity of 1000m2 duct.