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The production line is composed of decoiler, leveling & grooving unit and hydraulic shear unit composition. The control section adopts full servo system control. The production line maximum operating speed of 16 m/min, accuracy: length tolerance ± 0.5mm, diagonal tolerance of ± 0.8mm. In this type basis, we developed another type autoline IB  production line, IB-type production line to meet the mild steel thickness of 2.0mm, stainless steel of 1.2mm uncoiling production.

IB-type production line can be set to any size fully automatic cutting production according to customer requirements. Use this production line can greatly improve the utilization of the steel plate, reduce labor intensity and reduce labor. The production line has a superior cost-effective. Combination of typeⅠbone production line and reel machines, folding machines, etc. Can become a group of highly efficient duct production equipment. Especially for small and medium sized manufacturers use.